Each session may vary and is based on what each client's individual needs/wants are. Some people hire me only to be there personal trainer and others just for nutritional guidance, however most hire me for both.

SKYPE Personal Training

You can train with me from anywhere in the world via your computer! For all of those who can't make it to a gym or are always on the go, my personal training sessions are now offered via SKYPE! From the comfort of your own home, hotel room or anywhere for that matter, receive a GREAT workout! Now not being able to get to a gym or session can still mean staying in shape! SKYPE is free to download and free to use! Because there are no travel costs for me, I am able to offer online personal training at my 'private in home studio rate' in comparison to my 'travel to you' personal training rate.

SKYPE Personal Training (per hour)

In my in home studio:
$50.00 per hour

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