Each session may vary and is based on what each client's individual needs/wants are. Some people hire me only to be there personal trainer and others just for nutritional guidance, however most hire me for both.

Private Personal Training

Are you tired of not getting the results you want in large classes or crowded gyms? Do you want more personalized attention and assistance in individualizing your fitness program to suit YOUR goals instead of the same generic program that everyone follows? If so then my one on one sessions are what you are looking for! Many exercisers rely on machine training and simple motions for their weight training regimens. These exercises work large muscle groups but miss small stabilizing muscles which allow us to maintain body balance and stability and help to prevent injuries. Every workout I provide whether during private sessions, classes or group training can be mimicked at home and with minimal equipment.

High-quality integrated training will train your body to be strong and healthful, balanced and stable, and will help you build muscle, burn calories and rapidly increase strength and endurance.

Your goal is MY goal!

Personal Training (per hour)

In my in home studio:
$50.00 per hour

Your home/set location:
$65.00 per hour (for most locations in the Eugene/Springfield area)
I can/will provide any workout equipment needed for each session outside my studio

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