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After searching the internet, I came across Angi's site. After one phone call, I knew this would be the trainer for me. She was very thorough in her evaluation of my health history and lifestyle. Her knowledge in both physical training and nutrition is extensive. But the bonus in all of this is Angi herself. To have such a caring, encouraging and motivating person along side you on your weight loss is a tremendous benefit. I have followed her advise and have succeeded in losing 45 lbs so far and have gone from a 12/14 down to a 4/6! And I am confident I will make it because of Angi.


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A lot of wives might be mad if their husbands suggested that they both see a personal trainer, but I feel doubly blessed that I have a husband that did some searching and came across Angi's info. Not only did this give us a chance to spend time together learning how to become healthier, but it also has introduced us to a very special person to guide and push us to get to where we both want and need to be.

We liked Angi from the first meeting, her warm welcoming nature just drew us right in. Angi is such a good fit for us. She has a way of pushing you without it feeling like she is a drill Sergeant, Jillian Michael's she ain't. She is very encouraging about even the smallest improvement. I like that.

She really cares about her customers, almost to a fault. She has treated us much like we treat our customers, like they are part of the family (at least the part of the family that you really like). I feel like she truly loves what she is doing, in turn that makes us feel good too.

With her guidance we are approaching the process with a much different attitude than ever before. She has suggested changes in our eating habits that didn't feel like we are doing without the things we love. Finally, with her input this way of life feels like something that will stick, not just a diet or fad that will soon pass. If you are thinking about looking into finding a partner in the process, give Angi a call. She is working out great with my husband and I.

—Ron & Regina Page

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Angi is amazing! She is so friendly and really cares about you and your goals! I started working with Angi in the Fall of 2007 as I am a student at the U of O. I loved the one on one attention and creativity of the workouts. As a college student it's soo overwhelming being in a new place, the stress of school, work, homework and not having family around. Angi showed me how to integrate exercise into my busy lifestyle all the while reiterating the importance of healthy eating as I worked on losing weight and toning. I have become very close to Angi and her family and consider them my home away from home while I'm here at school and plan on using her as long as I attend the U of O!

—Sara Price

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In the summer of 2007 I hired Angi from Belly Health to help me attain my weight loss goals. She helped me quickly achieve this with her constant support. The first time I began sessions with Angi I was in ok shape and didn't have any pain. As I contemplated how to go about weight loss and pain management the second time around I wasn't sure what her thoughts would be considering my situation, but I decided to give her a call. Of course she was willing and enthusiastic to take on the task. I am writing this letter because of how much I believe in Angi and in her ability to help others realize a better state of well-being.

At the end of summer 2008 I was tired of my constant back pain and watching the scales go up each day. Physically I was just plain tired. With two children to care for I wanted to do something so that I would be up to par with them. I knew that with my back pain I would have to be really careful about what course of action I took. I had back surgery in 2002, and also I have had 2 c-sections which had left my core muscles weak. Although my entire life I have been great at exercising and I know my way around the gym like the back of my hand, I lacked motivation because of my depression surrounding the circumstances of my back pain. For months I just sat around eating and being really down. Finally I decided that I needed some help. I wasn't sure what exercises I needed to do to minimize pain and maximize results. Thankfully Angi does have that know-how. Her knowledge is outstanding. She doesn't just teach me a new exercise, she teaches me about the reason for doing each exercise and how it will change my body for the better.

She took a lot of time to talk to me about what I needed to focus on. Although I was anxious to shed some pounds, she spoke to me about how my back was the most important and that I needed to take things very slowly. She was so incredible about checking in with me and making sure that I was ok. Usually when people have a business and you are their client, they do what is required, but Angi goes above and beyond. She called or emailed almost every day giving me so much support. Also, as a mother of three she was really understanding when I had to bring with me my two boys to sessions. She even held my shy little two year old while training me! You can't get much better than that!

Angi is dependable, hard-working, conscientious, and patient. She also is so good at making exercising and living healthier fun. Whenever I talked about dieting she was always quick to remind me that this wasn't a diet, but a lifestyle change. I think training my brain to think that way has tremendously helped me to not fail. Another very important aspect is her ability to talk to you about your diet and emotions.

While I value the knowledge I have gained from working with Angi, what I am most grateful for is how she has encouraged and believed in me. I grow more thankful each day for what it is she has given me: Confidence, strength, health, and a new belief in my body's abilities. She is an incredible trainer and just a really great and fun person to be around. Every time I have a session with her I leave feeling like a new person... so alive!

For those of you reading this letter, I hope you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Angi. She is the best investment you can ever make in yourself. I'm happy to provide further information if required. Oh, and I am proud to say that although it is a slow process each day my back grows stronger, which in turn makes me entire life a bit brighter.

—Nicole Wilt

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Wow, where do I begin with Angi? She is the most amazing and caring personal trainer I have ever met. She is the reason I get up each day, and say "I can do this." If I am ever feeling a little down or confused about my weight or food... there she is to lift my sprits right up. The most important thing that Angi has shared with me is the dangers of Splenda. I was having major headaches daily, and my Doctor thought I might have a brain tumor. The headaches lasted over a year, and I was like a medical mystery. When I met Angi she immediately to me to stop using Splenda. Ever since that day, I have not had a headache or any other health problems associated with Splenda. I truly believe she saved my life. Thank you Angi!

—Jennifer Sheffler

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Angi is the BEST!!!! She is knowledgeable, professional and always positive! The thing I love the best about Angi is how well she LISTENS to your particular case and how she never negates your questions or concerns. I started working with Angi last summer with more than 100 lbs to lose. Right away she dealt with the health issue and pinpointed a food allergy that took me off of two medications! She put me on a comfortable eating plan and helped me to start working out. I lost 46 lbs within 3 months. Four months later I'm down 4 sizes! But the best part is that my blood pressure has gone down from 170/109 to 108/71! Angi knows what's she's doing and will go the extra mile to help you find a way to get healthy that works for you and in a way that is non-judgmental and very upbeat. In my opinion no one could offer a better nutritional/personal training program than Angi!!!!!!


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My mother and I hired Angi to be our personal trainer/ nutritionist in the summer of 2007. I have to say that Angi not only helped us to realize
some goals that we had found near impossible to accomplish, but she also helped to make this one of the best summers of my life!

Angi is so outgoing and fun, which really helps when it comes to the issue of weight loss. She helped me to understand that I didn't need to be on a diet, but I needed to implement healthy changes in my life that would last a lifetime.

Angi has this amazing, wonderful, kind personality. I am confident that if you have met her, instantly you fall in love with the girl! She challenged my mother and I, and made everything really fun at the same time. She is also very easy to talk to.

Angi is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. Her communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent. She makes working out easy to do, and I have to say I was always very eager for our meetings. It was so nice too that she was flexible with scheduling, understanding, and always reliable.

My personal weight loss was emotional for me, but having someone to talk to... someone who REALLY listened was very helpful.

—Shelley Coleman

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