Tailored fitness and nutrition plans created for you as individual

My Principles

Fitness Is For Everyone

The human body is constantly responsive to lifestyle changes, both good and bad. Fitness is possible for everyone who wants it, not just folks who are nearly there or there. No matter how long you've been out of shape, it isn't too late! It takes a long time to get out of shape, but you can get into shape in a fraction of the time if you have the proper guidance.

Customized For You

Because every person has different needs, each fitness and nutrition program must be custom tailored to fit YOU in order for it to be effective. Generic formulas invite backsliding and abandonment, so they rarely work. The key is a caring trainer and nutritionist who understands physiology and is able to design a program to meet YOUR specific challenges… and help you follow it through.


The smartest fitness program for a busy person can take place in their home or my in home studio. This makes fitness possible for even the busiest individual. Familiar surroundings create the best environment for progress… and for privacy! It's easier to develop good habits when you don't have to travel to a large facility and practice them in front of strangers.

Fitness Is Fun, Really!

The right program is doable and sustainable. It does not overtax, especially in the early phase as old habits are being overcome. Fitness is FUN… but being unfit takes the fun out of everything else!

Visible Changes

Because visible results appear quickly, your fitness habit will be painlessly integrated into your lifestyle no matter how many other programs you've tried unsuccessfully. And regardless of your goal or where you currently are, you'll feel better almost immediately as we jump-start the new YOU!

More Than Just Fitness

Just like each women need's a workout specific to their bodies needs so it is the same with nutrition. Good nutrition is what fuels our bodies to go through each day and make those amazing transitions, without it you'll run on empty!

A New You!

The feeling of well-being and empowerment that comes from good fitness spills over into the rest of your life, enriching health, self-image, personal attitude, relationships and productivity at work. Fitness means empowerment in every aspect of life… not just in the body!

A No Fail Plan!

Belong to a gym or some other fitness facility already? Great! However, it is always a good idea to have a back up plan for a home workout for those days when things just are not in your favor to get to your gym/fitness facility. Not only will your body thank you for changing up your workout, reducing your risk of hitting plateaus, keeping your metabolism up but also reducing your risk of overuse injury which comes from doing the same workouts repeatedly. No equipment? No problem! I can show you how to get a GREAT workout with minimal equipment and still see GREAT results, all within the privacy and comfort of your own home!

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