About Angi

Angi McCutcheon, Certified Nutritionist & Personal Trainer

I am a certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer who enjoys helping people achieve their fitness goals, gain confidence, and become healthier and happier people. I am proud and honored to be the wife to Tim and mom to our 4 daughters; Haley, Hanah, Amberly and Lydia. I live in Springfield, Oregon in the beautiful countryside with my family and 5 outdoor kitties.

Belly Health was built upon a foundation of education, inspiration based on my personal 85lb weight loss, and passion. I specialize in creative full-body workouts, weight loss, nutrition consultations, and strength and conditioning. My training focus is on functional and integrated training, working our bodies the way that we use them. This means working large and small muscle groups alike, moving multiple joints through full ranges of motion, and constantly emphasizing stability and body control.

My mission is to improve confidence and self-worth in every person I reach out to. Losing weight and working to be healthy and fit is not simply a physical commitment. As a trainer, nutritionist and motivator, I am delighted when measurements go down and when I see my clients change before my very eyes. But when I see their attitudes and self-esteem change, it means more to me than any number on the scale. Being able to empower them through exercise and sound nutrition practices is incredibly rewarding!

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